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Want your own personal website? Don’t have a website to advertise your business yet? Whether it’s a business, personal, or family website you are looking for we can help you.

I will customize your Word Press website to give it the features you need: information, pictures, videos, audio, calendar, discussion board, news, etc

Websites Prices may vary….
We can provide you with a personal estimate based on your website needs
(some website requirements are more complicated than others.) 

1. Website Basic Setup

Package pricing
$ 199+
  • Initial website/database/back-end setup.
  • Basic custom design layout.
  • updates and maintenance fee
  • Basic custom design layout.
  • up to 5 graphics/photos per page with basic editing, simple logo or logo provided by client
  • $15 a mo updates and maintenance fee

a. Website Hosting Package

$ 19
  • Domain Name Registration (i.e., .net, .org, etc.)
  • Custom Logo and Graphic Design
  • Elegant Site Navigation Website
  • Website Maintenance & Custom Redesign $50 hr
  • Excellent Support and Communication
  • Site updates and maintenance included
  • (a Minimum of 12 mo)
  • +$40 to add-on SEO

2. Advanced Theme Design setup

Advanced Theme Design setup
$ 499+
  • Starting at $499* Theme Design consists of additional graphics design work on the theme or "look" of the website beyond the basic design layout. This may consist of:
  • animated buttons, drop-down menus, flash animations and other animated items, etc.
  • Custom Graphics Design (Graphics design work in addition to what's included in the website base plan)* Basic editing (re-size, crop, optimize, add border, etc.) * Advanced editing: custom graphics design, custom logo, animated images, etc
  • * Animations/Content (slideshow, animated images, etc.)
  • $10 a mo updates and maintenance fee

b. SEO services subscription

(Status, Reports and tips and tricks).
$ 49 Monthly
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Advanced SEO (Website will conform to search engine optimization techniques, making your website friendly to Google Yahoo! And other internet search engines.)
  • Site updates and maintenance included
  • (a Minimum of 6 mo)
  • +$10 to add-on hosting
 Coming soon  

c. Video Ad services

Starting at $500+ 30 second ad to promote your business, product or website.

d. Animation explainer video

Available soon

Some options you may want for your site include:

  • Here is a list of some of the features we can include on your website:
    Contact Form
    Picture Gallery
    Discussion Forum
    Document Management
    Audio/Video Capabilities
    User friendly login and administrate pages.
    Printer Friendly Page
    SEO  configured
    and more…

Other Website Features Available:

  • Shopping Carts
  • E-Commerce solutions using PayPal, or other merchant processing systems.

Photo/Portfolio Galleries

Portfolio Gallery

  • Visually appealing. Displays images using transitions.

Advanced Photo Gallery

  • Easy client access to upload images.
  • Advanced photo gallery is best for someone that wants to have access to upload their own photos at any time.


Embedded Video

  • Web-ready video.
  • Non-web-ready video Encoding and basic editing.
  • Video Encoding and advanced editing.

Embedded Audio

  • Web-ready audio.
  • Non-web-ready audio Encoding / Converting.
  • Encoding/Converting and advanced editing.


  • A Blog is like an online public dairy/journal.
  • Can be about and be used for anything at all, it can be used for news, reviews, products, etc for a business.
  • A Blog is great as it helps the user stay in touch with the website users with new and up to date information.


  • Make your visitors aware of upcoming events with an online calendar.

Article/News Management System

  • This is for websites that would like to display content such as news articles or other article archives.

Discussion Forum

  • An online discussion group, where participants with common interests can exchange open messages.


  • The newsletter feature allows you to send out an e-mail to those who have signed up on your e-mail list.
  • Users can subscribe and unsubscribe on the website.

Submission Form

  • A submission form can be a contact form or some other type of form that a user fills out and uses to send information to you.
  • Examples are membership forms, registration forms, applications, order forms, etc.


  • A podcast is a digital media file -or a series of such files- that is distributed over the Internet using syndication feeds, for playback on portable media players and personal computers.)
  • Setup includes 5 initial audio files and submission to iTunes podcast directory.
  • Additional podcast audio file.
  • Additional podcast directory submissions.

Google Analytics

  • Traffic, site usage, visitor report (report e-mailed to you monthly or quarterly)

Website Updates and Maintenance

  • Website update and maintenance is available. (Lower rates are offered on monthly fixed contracts.)


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